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Self-confidence is a vital part of a happy life. The ability to trust in yourself, make good decisions, move through social settings with ease, and take big chances all are tied to how you view yourself.

Self-confidence is also a skill, that can be learned and practiced daily. Navigating fear, building belief in yourself, and learning to trust yourself are all invaluable skills that you will learn in this course.

What Will You Learn?

Is this course for me?

This course is suitable for everyone who wants to

  • 1. Overcome your fear or anxiety
  • 2. Come out of your introvert, shy or quiet.
  • 3. Understand what shapes your view of yourself
  • 4. Discover how to break out of the imprisoning bias of low self esteem
  • 5. Realize your true potential.

What I will learn?

Practical Strategies, Techniques and Methods

Eliminate Nervousness and Social Anxiety

Learn Powerful Strategies for Building Self Esteem

Increase Your Level of Confidence and Self Esteem

Learn How To Speak with Confidence

Build A Winning Mindset

About the Author

Igor Smirnov is a Psychologist, chess Grandmaster, Internet entrepreneur.

“I am passionate about ideas and strategies that change one’s life for the better. Some people say it’s all nonsense. Other people say that I truly helped them turn their life around.

In this course I will share with you some of my best strategies for becoming more confident and most of the strategies can be implemented straight away.”

Remove the Fear and Embrace Life

When you are constantly worrying about what others think, trying to avoid making mistakes and full of anxiety about your own self worth, you can’t possibly be in touch with the more subtle drives that steer you on your life path.


1. Unleash Your Inner Confidence

There could be different types of situations where we would love to have more confidence. In this lesson I have explained how to have inner peace and confidence in any situation.

In this video we will talk about finding your purpose in life and why it is essential to keep you confident all time.

In Part 2 of the lesson finding your purpose, we will see some more examples and research reports on how purpose linked with confidence

Now, it’s time for practice!

In this lesson we will discuss how the self talk can be beneficial in strengthening your confidence.

2. How to Maintain Your Confidence during Tough Times

The Road Map of Life is the graphical representation of your life path. We will learn how It helps you in multiple different ways.

In this lesson, I will share with your multiple examles that illustrate the usage of ‘the road map of your life’ very well.

We will analyse why the phrase “YOU are captain of YOUR ship and you are shaping your destiny” is true

One of the factors that affect our self-esteem is our past experience. Emotional experiences leave a strong trace in our mind; so how to overcome that feeling?

There are different things that we dislike about ourselves or about our life. In this lesson, we will find creative ways to turn this from being negative to positive.

It is time for some practice.
Answering these questions will help you build your road map of life.

3. Practical Ways to Build Self Confidence

In this section, we’re going to discuss practical ways of building self-confidence.

Do you also have perceptions of what you are good at and what you’re bad at? How to turn them into methods of building confidence.

In this interesting lesson, we will learn how olympic athletes build their confidences with many examples.

In this section, we’re going to discuss one more technique that helps you reinforce the feeling of personal power.

It is time for some practice.
There’s a great task you can perform to improve your social connections, and to gain more confidence.

4. Boost Your Confidence at Work

In this section, we’ll talk about the job related questions, such as how to get confidence that you need for job interviews, making sales,asking your boss for promotion etc…

This video will talk about the situation when you wish to ask your boss for promotion. It’s really important because, you should manage the situation confidently and effectively.

In this video, we’ll talk about the Key to Unshakable Confidence in Sales.

In this lesson, we’re going to talk about the confidence for job interviews. The common advice for job interviews about feeling confidence is to smile, maintain eye contact, use power postures and other common stuff. Let us go beyond that.

In this video we’ll talk about reaching out to influencers. The same process can be applied when you want to reach out to any people that are important for you and that you think could help you in some way.

In this video, we will talk about building your confidence for public speaking. Public speaking tops the list of fears for a lot of people.

It is time for some practice.
You might have heard about comfort zone challenges. It is something that pushes you beyond your boundaries

5. Tune Up Your Mind for Confidence

In this section, we’re going to discuss how to tune yourself for confidence.

In this video, I would like to show you how you can use your inner dialogue for your advantage to building your confidence, even when you’re low in your mood today.

Apart from the inner dialogue, of course, we also face various opinions and advices from other people. Should we take care and listen to those opinions?

In this lesson, we will analyse the quesiton “Should you share your goals with other people?”

Now, it’s time for practice!

In this video, we will talk about a power posing and why this power posing works at all in the first place?

Little practical task which will help you to improve the tone and clarity of your speaking voice


Jonathan Pettit
Blackbelt & sensei in karate, amateur chess player, blogger
Ashwin Subramanian
Manager at Intel Corporation

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Enhance Your Life and become unstoppable

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How to Wake Up, Feel Awesome, And Stay Positive Throughout the Day.

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