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8 Proven Methods To Stop Blushing

Sometimes when you interact with others, you might feel your face turning red and try to stop blushing. At times, it’s not only the cheeks that turn red but also your ears and neck. It would look like your whole head is burning.

Have you ever been in this situation? Don’t worry! YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE. I have also been in these situations lots of times.

8 Proven Methods To Overcome Blushing

Fortunately, I have found ways to overcome it. And in this article, I am happy to share my 8 proven methods to stop blushing, with YOU.


METHOD 1: Prepare A Short And Powerful Reply To Any Comment About Blushing

When you blush, someone around you will usually notice it. They might even make a comment about it. Even if it is a neutral comment, it may make you more embarrassed or defensive and thereby cause you to blush even more.

For example, imagine that someone asks you “why are you so red?” It is not easy to reply to this without feeling awkward.


So What Can You Do?

You can foresee this situation and prepare a reply for it in advance. Here are two tips to do so:

  1. Accept your situation fully and confidently. Do not deny that you are turning red. You don’t give any explanations nor make any excuses about that. You can say things like “Oh yeah! This job drives me nuts” etc.
  2. If possible, YOU make fun of it. If you joke about it yourself, you do not let others take control of the situation. On the contrary, YOU remain in a powerful position. For example, you can ask someone to put their hands over your red cheeks to warm up.

8 Proven Methods To Overcome Blushing


METHOD 2: Bring It Up Yourself

Imagine that you have to do a public speech soon. Of course, you might try to stay cool and hide your nervousness. But, it is unlikely that this will help you in hiding your blush.

Why don’t you expose your vulnerability yourself, at the beginning of the speech? You can take an opposite approach.

Perhaps, you can say something like “I am always worried and nervous whenever I do public speaking, but I will try to do my best.” This simple phrase will release your tension.

8 Proven Methods To Overcome Blushing

Nobody will be able to point fingers at your weakness as you’ve already done it yourself.

This concept is similar to the old saying, “Offense is the best defence.” With this approach, you not only have control over the situation but you will also stay confident and powerful.


METHOD 3: Think Over The Situation In Advance

Often, you are familiar with the situations that cause you to blush. Imagine those situations in advance and prepare yourself. While doing so, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What would I do if I start blushing?
  2. What would I do if someone makes a remark about my red checks?

8 Proven Methods To Overcome Blushing


METHOD 4: Shift Your Attention To The Truly Important Thing

I have a psychological task for you:

  • Imagine that there is a green monkey.
  • During the next 30 seconds, DO NOT think of the green monkey.

Now, were you able to do it?

Isn’t it an impossible task to do?

When you are trying not to think about the monkey, you will be thinking about the monkey. It is the same situation with blushing.

You cannot erase something out of your head, but YOU can instead shift your attention to something else. For example, you can think about the task you are performing at the moment and try to do the best you can.

8 Proven Methods To Overcome Blushing

You can also shift your attention to another emotion. You cannot experience two emotions at the same time. This technique will distract you from your blushing.

You can perhaps focus on your emotion of excitement and the fact that your body is highly energetic. You reach the energised condition of a ‘top performance superman.’



Your body and your emotions have a direct connection. That is why psychologists usually recommend that you take deep breaths and relax, whenever you blush.

However, in emotional situations, this technique is impractical and does not work. I usually recommend that you do the opposite thing. Instead of trying to relax, use the energy that you are feeling to your benefit.

How Can You Do It?

You can always try one of the power poses (as seen in the top row). These poses will make you look POWERFUL and CONFIDENT, maybe even angry. This will help you look confident instead of being embarrassed and shy. This new state of yours will help you handle the situation properly.

8 Proven Methods To Overcome Blushing



If you do this, the contrast between your RED face and the rest of the body will be LESS NOTICEABLE. This technique might be a small thing. But when you combined it with the other, it might make a big difference.

8 Proven Methods To Overcome Blushing


METHOD 7: It’s Fine To BLUSH. It’s NOT Fine To Feel Confused.

Sometimes, people complain that others make fun of their blushing condition. However, it is not blushing itself that causes the problem but the embarrassment about the same. YOUR embarrassment lets OTHER PEOPLE feel superior.

If you ignore and even EMBRACE YOUR BLUSHING, others will not have an advantage over you. In fact, people will start ignoring your “reddish” face because people usually care only about themselves.

8 Proven Methods To Overcome Blushing


METHOD 8: Realize That Blushing Can Make You CUTE.

8 Proven Methods To Overcome Blushing

Often people think that blushing could hamper their social connections. However, in reality, it is the opposite. A study from the University of California, found that people who blush appear to be more generous and trustworthy.

People who witnessed someone blushing found the blusher to be more sympathetic. They even softened their judgments towards the blusher. Therefore, surprisingly, blushing might help build better social bonds!

If you are presenting or speaking in public and your cheeks turn red. This is a sign that will show you are truly passionate about the subject. This will in turn make your presentation more acceptable to the audience.

In fact, people of pale complexion are considered to be ‘cold’ hearted. This makes most people think pale-faced people as unattractive. This is probably why women apply rouge on their cheeks!

8 Proven Methods To Overcome Blushing

You will be surprised to know that millions of the people search online for solutions for pale skin, as they want to blush!

So, blushing can be an advantage. When you blush, you will appear to other people as passionate, trustworthy and cute.



  1. You have just learnt 8 new methods to stop blushing. Pick one or more methods that resonate with you and try it out for yourself.
  2. Think about challenging situations in advance and you can be well prepared for the same.


P.S.  What do you do to  stop blushing?

Igor Smirnov

Igor Smirnov

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