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56 Motivational Quotes For The Winners

When the going gets tough you need ‘Force’ to keep the momentum. Whenever I feel the need for an extra boost, I drink coffee read inspirational quotes!

People often say that motivation doesn't last.

Well, neither does bathing – that's why we recommend it daily!”

– Zig Ziglar

Your mind-set is a powerful thing.

Mind-set is a set of beliefs or a way of thinking that determines one’s behavior, outlook and mental attitudes.

If you have a positive and determined mind-set, you are bound to achieve your dreams and ambitions.

To help you keep your spirits high, no matter what, check out these 56 motivational quotes for true winners.

Some of these quotes are taken from Russian sources, and therefore are not known worldwide. These will be the new “Inspirational Injection” for YOU!

1. Money Can't Buy Happiness, But It Can Buy Freedom.
– Roman Abramovich

Abramovich is a Russian businessman and the owner of Chelsea Football Club. With a net worth $10.5 billion, this man definitely knows the right attitude to money.  

2. Always Give People A 2nd Chance – But Rarely A 3rd.
– Judy Greer

Judy Greer is an American actress, model, and author. Following her advice would surely make our lives a lot easier and happier.


3. Life Is Very Hard Sometimes, But Giving Up Won’t Make It Any Better.

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4. You Are Somebody. You Matter.
– Kevin Hart

Our biggest enemy is not the world, but that little voice that constantly says ‘You ain’t worthy.’
Just shut that critic and believe in the great human being that you are and have always been.


5. It Took 40,000 Years For Humanity To Replace Stone By Cell At The End Of The Stick. We Gotta Speed Up!
– Igor Smirnov


6. I Will Fight For My Dreams Till The Day I Die!

There are ideas that make you feel powerful.
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7. It’s Of Course Easier To Score A Goal When There Are No Obstacles In Your Way. But Struggle Is What Makes You Wiser And Stronger.
– Irina Viner

This quote is from one of the greatest gymnastics coaches our world has ever seen. Her students have become Olympic Champions countless times over the last 21 years.


8. Don’t Be Satisfied With Mediocrity.
– Irina Viner


9.Bliss Is On The Other Side Of Fear.
– Will Smith

Will Smith is an American actor, producer, comedian, rapper and songwriter. In April 2007, Newsweek called him "the most powerful actor in Hollywood".


10. Working Hard On Your Job Could Be Like Running On The Same Spot. Make Sure You’re Moving Forward!
Igor Smirnov

A lot of people work hard for 8-12 hours a day. However, only 1 person out of 500 becomes a millionaire. Working hard is not enough nowadays.


11. What Motivates Me? Ambition. I Don’t Want The Father Of My Kids To Be A Loser.
– Oleg Tinkov

Tinkov was born in a poor family, in a small Russian village. Now he’s a businessman with a net worth of $1.2 billion. We can learn a lot from this self-made man.


12. Communicate With The Smart And Do Not Talk To Fools!
– Oleg Tinkov


13. I Never Wait For A Fair Wind. My Motto Is ‘Victory & Success In Any Situation’.
– Vladimir Dovgan 

Dovgan is a multimillionaire. He has launched more than 30 businesses. As a leading trainer of success in Russia, he’s willing to share his key to victory.


14. When You Set A Goal, Circumstances Start Working For You.
– Vladimir Dovgan


15. To Succeed in a Sport – Keep your eye on the BALL. To Succeed in Life – Keep your eye on the GOAL.
Igor Smirnov 

Nowadays, we are faced with so many distractions. It is so easy to lose yourself to many things. However, one thing that successful people do differently, is that they stay focused on their goals and what is important to them.


16. Whatever You Do, Either Do It In Full Swing Or Don’t Do It At All.
– Confucius 

Confucius was a Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher. He is widely considered as one of the most important and influential individuals in shaping the lives of humanity.


17. Working Hard For Something We Don’t Care About Is Called Stress; Working Hard For Something We Love Is Called Passion.
– Simon Sinek

When you are having a rough time for prolonged periods of time, just stop for a minute and ask yourself, “Why am I doing, what I’m doing?”


18. When We Help Ourselves, We Find Moments Of Happiness. When We Help Others, We Find Lasting Fulfilment.
– Simon Sinek

Having a life purpose that is bigger than yourself will give you a sense of personal satisfaction. Try and help others, you may just find yourself more motivated than ever before to work hard and achieve your dreams.


19. If You Work So Hard that you don't Have any Free Time Left – Then What’s The Point Of It At All?
– Yevgeny Chichvarkin


20. Sociability Is 80% Of The Success.

Numerous researchers have confirmed that networking is critical to your professional success. Here’s the key: if you wish to have lots of people supporting you, you must have a good attitude towards them.


21. Don’t Be Upset About The Results You Didn’t Get from The Work You Didn’t Do.


22. If We Wait Until We’re Ready, We’ll Be Waiting For The Rest Of Our Lives.


23. If You Want A Better Life, You Have To Make An Effort To Better Yourself.
– Becca Martin 


24. At This Point In My Life, If You Aren’t Contributing To My Bank Account, Goals, Or Happiness, You Gotta Go.


25. It’s Better To Walk Alone, Than Follow A Crowd Going In The Wrong Direction.
– Herman Siu


26. Winners Are Those Who Aren’t Afraid To Dream Big And Then Take Risk To Go And Get It.


27. I Have No Special Talents. I Rely On Diligence, Desire And Stubbornness.
– Oleg Tinkov 


28. You Were Given This Life Because You Are Strong Enough To Live It.


29. If You Wish To Become Successful, You Should Appear As If You Already Are.
Thomas More


30. Do Not Listen To What They Say. They Evaluate Outer Circumstances, Whereas Success Mostly Depends On What You Have Within.
– Igor  Smirnov


31. Successful People Focus On Their Desires, While The Rest Think About Their Fears.


32. Develop A Strong Mind And You Will Lead A Strong Life.


33. Make Efforts. Make Changes. Make Strides To Better Yourself. Don't Just Talk About It.


34. I Can. I Will. End Of Story.


35. Cheat On Your Cell Phone Every Once In A While With A Book.


36. People Often Ask Me How I Started My Business. It Started From My Will To Live, Not To Survive.
– Oleg Tinkov


37. A Champion Is Capable Of Overcoming Himself, And Not To Be Dependent On His Mood Or Emotion.
– Irina Viner


38. Strength Lies In Overcoming Yourself.
– Irina Viner


39. Nowadays, Those Who Receive Academic Degrees Work For Those Who Dropped Out Of University And Started Their Business.


40. The moment you say ‘I’ll Do Whatever It Takes To Achieve My Goal’ – you realize that nothing can stop you.
– Igor Smirnov


41. I Think Anything Is Possible If You Have The Mind-Set And The Will And Desire To Do It And Put The Time In.
Roger Clemens

If you believe you can achieve it, and you work towards the same, there is nothing that can stop you.


42. Successful People Are Willing To Take Actions That Are Unusual For The Crowd. 


43. Any Day That We Don’t Give Up brings Us One Step Closer To Success.
– Joyce Meyer


44. Make It Happen. Shock Everyone.


45. If You Weren’t With Me During My Fight, Don’t Hope To Be With Me At The Time Of My Victory.


46. Doing Good Deeds For Others, Makes Your Own Life Good.
– Irina Viner


47. Strength Is Beautiful.
– Irina Viner


48. Don’t Preach, But Teach Others By Personal Example.


49. Those Who Do, Expect Success. Those Who “Try”, Expect That Something Will Happen.
– Bodo Shaefer


50. Initially people think ‘I’m too young for …’ Later it shifts to ‘It’s too late for…’ ACT NOW!
– Igor Smirnov 


51. Life Has No Remote. Get Up And Change It Yourself.


52. Mistakes Have The Power To Turn You Into Something Better Than You Were Before.


53. Instead Of Wondering When Your Next Vacation Is, Maybe You Should Set Up A Life You Don’t Need To Escape From.
– Seth Godin.


54. I Believe I Am Destined For Greatness.


55. I’ve Failed Over And Over And Over Again In My Life… And That’s Why I Succeed.
– Michael Jordan


56. Walk Away From Negative People. They Have A Problem For Every Solution.

Hold on to this collection of motivational quotes for those rough days when you are longing for something to pull you up and inspire you to achieve your dreams.

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Everybody can do the needful when things are going smoothly. The winners, however, do it despite unfavorable circumstances.  

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How to Wake Up, Feel Awesome, And Stay Positive Throughout the Day.

How to Wake Up, Feel Awesome, And Stay Positive Throughout the Day.

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How to Wake Up, Feel Awesome, And Stay Positive Throughout the Day.

How to Wake Up, Feel Awesome, And Stay Positive Throughout the Day.

We respect your privacy, We hate Spam too!